Spring Has Returned and So Has Dr. Linda

“To everything there is a season” and I am happy to report that my season of discontent, health challenges and yes, even dissolution of a 25-year marriage is over and I am REALLY back this time.

I have missed you, my faithful readers, pregnant moms and followers who continued to come to my website even though it had been unattended to for months . . . no . . . actually a few years. I hadn’t planned on staying away for so long but like John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  In 2014, I had a vision problem that prevented me from seeing things at a  distance and I had stopped driving for a year. I was visually disabled and scared. During this crisis, there were people who ran TO me in my time of need and those who ran FROM me.  One day, I will delve deeper into this topic but I’m so grateful to report that my vision has improved and so has my life.


I’m in a new physical space that I absolutely love and am at peace. My “little” boys are now teens who tower over me housed in 6-feet frames. In my new role as a single parent, I constantly pray for guidance as I attempt to guide them towards adulthood and pray that they do not make any life-altering mistakes.

My team and I are still working out the “kinks” on the prenatal app that I developed but are also so very excited about the way it will help pregnant women. We plan on bringing it to market as soon as my legal issues are finalized.

In the meantime, please leave me a comment below.

Happy Spring!!