5 Things Meghan Markle Needs to Know About Childbirth

Congratulations, dear Duchess of Sussex on your beautiful marriage to Prince Harry but now the pressure begins for you to produce an heir. Here are some issues you might want to consider as you continue your journey as a wife and future mother:

  • Your biological clock is ticking so please schedule an appointment to see an obstetrician as soon as possible to determine your pre-conceptual health.
  • Please see a reproductive endocrinologist and consider In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) for conception. Trying to get pregnant the “normal” way for someone your age has traditionally taken longer, and time is not on your side.
  • If you become pregnant, please have your prenatal care with a Maternal Fetal Specialist because you have high risk conditions even though you appear to be healthy:
    • This is your first pregnancy, so you are at risk for preeclampsia
    • You are over 35 so you are at high risk for potential complications including giving birth to an infant with downs syndrome so please have genetic screening
  • You have African American ancestry, so you are at significant risk for developing preterm labor, preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome and postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Please start taking folic acid BEFORE you become pregnant to avoid giving birth to a baby with neural tube defects like spina bifida.

I am not trying to scare you, Your Royal Highness, I am trying to empower you to l have a healthy and safe pregnancy. If more of my colleagues took the time to explain these facts to prospective patients, our dreadful maternal mortality rate would be lower.

Your birth outcome in the United Kingdom might be better than pregnant women here in the States because the UK had the good sense to implement universal health insurance for all.

I wish you a healthy, glorious future pregnancy but please pray for your sisters here in the U.S. Their birth outcomes may not be as good as yours.


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