A COVID-19 Pregnancy Miracle


The story of Monica Ramirez is nothing short of a miracle. According to the LA Times, “she was 30 weeks pregnant, became short of breath, drover herself to the hospital, woke up three weeks later in a different hospital, a different city with a baby nearby.” Monica had spent the past three weeks of her life on a ventilator.


I know based on personal experience what happened during her admission. 


✅  A code is called  The OB team are called. They frantically look for the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler as the OR team is called stat. The NICU team is called stat. Infectious Disease is called stat.

✅ Everyone has to gear up in PPE and hopefully it was not recycled. When Monica’s heart stopped beating twice, CPR is done above her belly button when the OB team is frantically making an incision in the skin and then to the uterus to deliver the baby because there is no oxygen going to the baby. 


✅ You quickly deliver the baby, pray that it cries as you are handing it off to Peds who have their arms stretched out to receive it. They whisk the baby off and start its own resuscitation. I’m crying as I type this because it brings back memories from my days in residency training. Before you close the incision, the nursing staff makes sure the count is correct and that there are no lap pads or needles left inside. 


✅ The patient is rushed to the ICU and eventually transferred to another hospital who is equipped to handle the crisis. And then you wait and pray that this scary moment will have a happy ending and gratefully it does. 


Every time you see people walking around without a mask or watch a campaign rally with thousands of people gathered, remember Monica Ramírez and her baby. COVID i19 is not a hoax. It’s real.



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