A Telemedicine Toolkit for Pregnant Moms

When you call your healthcare provider and are informed that you can no longer come to their office, please do not be alarmed. As a result of the quarantine and social distance policies related to the coronavirus pandemic, more healthcare providers are shifting to telemedicine office visits.


 What is telemedicine or telehealth? It is a way of taking care of patients when the physician or healthcare professional is in one location and the patient is in another. I have been advocating for the development and use of telemedicine to manage pregnant women since 2001 and am happy that it is finally being integrated into mainstream healthcare. The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists (ACOG), has given their stamp of approval so this is here to stay.

Here are the tools that you will need for a prenatal telemedicine prenatal visit:


·       A smartphone, laptop or desktop with camera capability so that you can see your doctor or midwife and they can see you💻📱


·       A portable blood pressure machine so that you can take your blood pressure and report is to your healthcare provider. Some insurance companies will pay for them, including Medicaid programs.

·       A doppler fetal heart tone machine to record your baby’s heartbeat. Try to get one that records the fetal strip as well reveal the strip which looks like an EKG strip. The Wellue company makes this brand.


·       A thermometer to take your temperature if you think you have a fever🌡


·       A scale to take your weight


·       Urine strips to test your urine for protein, glucose (sugar) or bacteria and then report the findings to your provider. There are online wholesale companies that sell these strips much cheaper than retail pharmacists. 🧪


 Please discuss this list with your doctor or midwife before purchasing these items to get their recommendation as well. Telemedicine offers the convenience of staying at home while receiving care and gives the patient a more pro-active role.





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