Five Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Taking Her Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is an extremely important “vital sign” taken during an office and prenatal visit.


Why? Because it represents how well our heart is functioning and if we are at risk for having a stroke.


At some point, your healthcare provider might ask you to take your blood pressure.


Here are 5 things you should do to take it accurately:


  1. Be relaxed before taking your blood pressure. Why? Because if you are excited or stressed, it will give a false elevated number
  2. Allow 5 minutes to pass before you take your blood pressure and make sure your legs are uncrossed and your back is supported
  3. Your arm should not be o your lap but at the level of the right side of your heart.
  4.  If the circumference of your upper arm measures 33 cm or greater (in other words, you have large arms), use a large size cuff to avoid an inaccurate high reading
  5. Avoid taking your blood pressure in the upper arm while lying down (left lateral position), it could be considered “normal”, when in fact, it could be high.

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