Pregnancy calendar


Month One
After the sperm and egg combined, your newly created baby began a process of cell division that could rightly be called “explosive.”

Month Two
In this second month of life, your baby continues to develop internal organs and other major structures of the body.

Month Three
By the end of this month your baby will be recognizable as a human. The face is formed; complete with 32 permanent teeth buds.

Month Four
As your baby’s ear bones begin to harden this month, he may begin to hear some sounds.

Month Five
Your baby’s senses are beginning to activate. His skin is sensitive to touch, he is beginning to taste, he may respond to some sounds and his eyesight continues to develop.

Month Six
Your baby’s skin has become opaque (it had been see-through), but it is still immature. The retina of the eye continues to form, but that also is not mature yet.

Month Seven
Your baby is growing fast, and space is getting tight. He may wiggle if he gets uncomfortable.

Month Eight
The eight month is a time of rapid growth for your baby, especially brain growth, so be sure you are eating well.

Month Nine
Your baby is practically ready to be born. A few last details to give him a great start in the world beyond your womb and he’s on his way.

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