Sending Love to Oprah From the Good Daughter Sisterhood

On Thanksgiving Day, Ms. Vernita Lee took her last breath and then flew home to be with the Lord, but she left behind her legacy, Oprah Winfrey.

Women like Ms. Lee, remind me of my mother, whose humble wombs produced some of God’s greatest gifts, in the form of women and men who do extraordinary things that no one could ever imagine.

As I watched the People Magazine Interview of Oprah describing her mother’s final days, I kept nodding my head in recognition because one “good daughter” recognizes another and I too, had played Mahalia Jackson’s music at my mother’s transition.


A good daughter is the woman who takes care of her mother while everyone else sits back and watches. She’s the one who writes the checks and makes sure that Mama wants for nothing, all in the name of unconditional love. I remember the joy of being able to refurbish my late mother’s humble senior citizen apartment with new furniture once I completed residency and had a “real” paying job. I was honored to “take care of my mother. Although she had not raised me because of her battle with mental illness, I always knew I was loved.

Like Oprah, I sat at my mother’s bedside during her final days. The hospital was kind enough to provide a cot and all night long, my mother kept shouting “Goodbye! Goodbye!” at the top of her lungs. Mama, in her sweet way was thoughtful enough to tell me goodbye and I got on a plane the next day, knowing I’d never see her again.

So, to Oprah land ALL the good daughters who are often unsung heroes, I send love and light. We are truly blessed but are also a blessing.


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