Ten Months After Birthing Twins: Queen Bey Rocks at Coachella!

As an obstetrician, I am in awe of Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles Carter (aka Queen Bey), not only as one of the greatest performing artist of all times but also as a mother. She was a high-risk OB patient because of her twin pregnancy, yet you would never know the way she defied gravity during her 2017 Grammy Performance. We all know that she is incredibly beautiful and exquisitely creative, but her pregnancy glow on the Grammy’s stage set a new standard.


Fast-forward to 2018.  Beyonce’s original performance in 2017’s Coachella was postponed because of her maternal state, however, she certainly made up for the delay according to the rave reviews that are lighting up the social media space. The festival was renamed “Beychella” and rightfully so. Her ten-month postpartum performance was visceral. You felt it and she owned it. Can you believe that less than a year ago, two beautiful human beings emerged from those swaggering hips?  Whether she had a c-section versus vaginal delivery, is really none of our business. Her babies are healthy. She is obviously healthy and above all, happy.

Most people will remember Beyoncé for her exemplary performances and rightfully so. I, through the lens of my passion and profession will continue to see her as an incredible mother and role model for pregnant women.


All hail to the Wakanda Queen. You rock, baby.



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