What Beyoncé and Serena Need to Know About Their Pregnancies

As a fan of both Beyoncé and Serena, I am overflowing with excitement for their pregnancy  as they embark on the mystical and magical journey called pregnancy for the first and second time in their lives. However, as an obstetrician, I’d like to share a few pearls of wisdom to ensure that the pressure gift that they carry, arrives safely.

Serena and Beyoncé are both 35 years old which is considered advanced age in pregnancy. While age 35 is a great time to have a baby because of presumed maturity, it is also a time to exercise precaution. Queen B, you are blessed to be carrying twins, but please be aware that twins can come earlier than expected. Preterm labor is sometimes sneaky and rears its ugly head as back pain. Therefore, if you are experiencing back pain for greater than one hour, please call your pregnancy provider immediately who should advise you to go to the labor and delivery to be checked.


Goddess. Serena, while you are in phenomenal physical shape, you must be aware that you are at risk for developing pre-eclampsia because this is your first pregnancy and are 35 years old. Pre-eclampsia is also sneaky and doesn’t make a grand announcement. Some of the symptoms include, having a headache that doesn’t go away even after taking acetaminophen, blurry vision, rapid weight gain in one week (because of increased fluid) and having high blood pressure after 20 weeks.

The Queen and Goddess are both African American, therefore the risk of having a pre-term delivery is greater.

While pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it’s not always peaches and cream. It’s more like an airplane ride that can encounter some rough air and bumps. The purpose of writing this blog is to help you navigate your pregnancy to a safe and healthy delivery.

Wishing you peace, joy and love and hope you remember that “A healthy pregnancy doesn’t just happen, it takes a smart mother who knows what do to.”